About Us

Back in 2007 I received an unexpected gift from my family; a few vegan soaps. I was both confused and intrigued by the concept….I had no clue what I was looking at and what was about to happen. Without knowing or meaning to, they had just planted a seed that quickly grew into an endeavour that would reshape my whole life. I became totally obsessed with finding out everything I could about soap making, ingredients and techniques. After a while I was ready to create my first batch of handmade soap and I instantly became hooked. From word-of-mouth, people tried them and the feedback I got was so positive that I decided it was time to go full throttle and designed a complete line of handmade soaps and body products.

I ended up opening a beautiful store in the small town I was living in at the time. I made wonderful friends and connected with people that valued what I did so deeply that they ended up influencing events in my life later on. Life at the store was good, then life happened. I had to close my store and move on to different things for a while. I always knew that one day I would get back into it when the timing would be right. Well, I’m back, baby!

Things are different now but some stuff has stayed the same; high-quality, handmade in small batches and of course always vegan. I need an outlet to exploit my creativity and am beyond thrilled to be able to share my passion with all of you. The better my skills and knowledge get,  the more you benefit and that’s the whole point. My creativity and boldness in design are at an all-time high so I’m out there riding the wave, letting it take me where it wants.

Thank you for being here, you give me meaning and purpose.

A little bit of nostalgia, the day of the Grand Opening back in 2008. 

Eat Me Alive Store