Do you really need to exfoliate?

Do you really need to exfoliate?

Yes. No. Maybe

I get asked this question regularly because there are so much confusion and various opinions on the subject.

To better understand the answer, you must understand the cycle of skin shedding.

You shed dead skin all day, every day, non-stop, everywhere. In fact, a small percentage of household dust is dead skin cells, just floating around, getting in your eyes and mouth. Hard to avoid it in general since we spend so much time indoors, even more so since 2020 threw a wrench into living a normal life.

The life cycle of a skin cell is about 28 days. Since every cell is on a different cycle at any given moment, you're constantly renewing your skin, not just on the 28th of the month. When they don't fall off, a build-up happens, clogging up the pores and making the skin feel rough. Some of us are great at letting go of what doesn't serve us anymore, some want to hold on...maybe that trait is true to your skin shedding abilities too. 

Exfoliating allows for a quicker turnover of new healthy cells, getting it to breathe easier as well as helping other skincare products to penetrate deeper. You're just giving it a little push, not taking over completely. Sometimes all we need is a little help, our bodies aren't perfect even though they're this incredible machine that does so much for us. 

Less is more, always.

Scrubbing like there's no tomorrow will get rid of dead skin but could also remove healthy cells, creating irritation and redness that your body will now have to deal with. Your precious energy is better spent somewhere else. Be reasonable and gentle, please.

A frequency of about 1-2 sessions per week for people with regular skin is good enough; anything else might be a waste and counterproductive. If you're sensitive or highly reactive, scrubbing with a sugar or salt scrub might not be the best choice for you but there are other options. For example, a washcloth has a mild abrasive action so do some soaps with exfoliants in them such as our best-seller Butterscoth Coffee Soap. 

Exfoliating is a personal affair and you need to figure it out for yourself. Start with once every 10 days and go from there. See how your body reacts and how your skin feels afterward.  Also, notice what different weather and seasons do to your skin. It might take some time but it's worth it! 

Bottom line

I encourage you to do research on your own and see if exfoliating is even something you want to consider. You'll find dermatologists saying you should do it every day; others that say you should 100% stay away from them. I know, it's completely confusing!

I've always loved exfoliating and have learned to listen to my skin as to how often I need to do it. Fall and winter is when I seem to need it the most with the extra dryness caused by heating the house, wearing long sleeves and pants and not drinking as much water. But I love exfoliating in the summer too for the extra glow it gives my skin so that I can feel good wearing a cute summery outfit.

I'll leave you with this. Yes to scrubbing if your skin can tolerate it and could use a little help. Yes if you want an instant glow. Yes if you like the feeling. No if you have open sores, wounds and reactive skin. No if it hurts and causes redness. 

There's definitely more to talk about regarding this subject, I'll leave that for another day. In the meantime, click here to explore the scrubs collection. Also have a look at the Butterscotch Coffee Soap as it might be a great option to start with.